Friday, June 29, 2012

Document: June

May moved so slowly, but June just sped by!!!

I did a lot of schoolwork, some freezer cooking, updated our bedroom with new sheets and a comforter, spent some time in North Carolina, and had some fun dates ;)  Plus, I had a chance to reevaluate my 12 in 2012 goals and change up a few to better suit my needs.

Reading.  So far, I have read 48 books (a little under my goal for the year) and 22 new books (also a little under the goal).  I am really excited to have more time in July and August to read, and I am super excited about a few new books coming out this Fall!!!

Cooking.  I have done a bit of freezer cooking and tried a few new recipes for Doug and I!  We have eaten a lot of fish, burgers, and fresh produce.  I made some ice cream out of bananas (which I had done for awhile) and made a few smoothies.  Doug made some great ribs recently, and he has been able to cook a lot more than normal.  July will probably be full of snacks and desserts; I would love to try a poke cake and some sugar cookies.

Health/Fitness.  I have started going to the gym more; I had to move my exercise time from morning to evening to make it fit well.  Doug and I have been eating more fruit, veggies, and salads, which has definitely made a difference.  Plus, we have been able to enjoy walking and being outside much more!  July will bring a bit of a heat wave, but hopefully we can keep working towards a healthier lifestyle.

For July?  ANNIVERSARY!  Tomorrow we leave for the annual family fireworks, then our anniversary trip to Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens ;)  Once we get back, we will be doing a bit of reorganizing; we acquired a new entertainment center and a bookcase that are not being used, so we are hoping to rearrange things so that our house is more efficient and useful.  My mom and grandma are coming to visit in mid-July (yea!) and I will finish one of my classes in July.  It should be a fun month!

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