Thursday, June 21, 2012

Determination: June Update, 12 in 2012 Update

This update is a little late, but I think I have been able to think through the rest of this year!  This mid-year review has been really good for me to review my previous goals for the rest of the year and tweak them as necessary.

July -- Anniversary!  New year, new organizing ;)
August -- Vacation time!  Relaxing in the last days of summer before Fall classes begin
September -- Clothing Control
October -- Preparing for the Holidays!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas plans ;)
November -- Curves-iversary! New health goals for the next year
December -- Lots of baking and holiday making goals for the next year!!!

1. Organizing this Summer:  Doug and I are planning to do a mini-Clean Sweep on our apartment to reduce clutter and reorganize a bit.  We collected a lot of extra furniture and other things over the last year (especially with Doug's parents moving) that we need to sort through and store more effectively.

2. Vacation Time:  We are taking an anniversary trip in July, but we are planning on scheduling more "date time" and relaxation time in August before our last year of school!!!

3. Clothing Control:  This is the same goal, but I have a better idea about what I want to do!  I have heard of a new challenge called 30 from 30 where you build 30 outfits from 30 pieces of clothing; I really want to get rid of some unnecessary clothes and buy clothes I will actually need/use/wear.  This may mean I need to do a bit more laundry, but it will give me the closet and dresser space I need.

4. Preparing for the Holidays:  I removed the school/job plans (since I know I will be taking some time off from school), so I decided to spend some time planning a bit earlier this year!  I am really excited to have my Kitchen Aid mixer for baking this year ;)

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