Monday, June 18, 2012


Discombobulated (adj):  confused, shaken, addled, exhibiting mental discomfort

besides being a super fun word to say, this totally describes how the beginning of this week has been!  I have been so focused on powering through the schoolwork I want to complete, that I have been failing to take care of myself and my home!  After realizing that I physically could not keep up with my thoughts (and expectations), I took some time with Doug to talk through what needed to be done and how I could best accomplish it.  (Side note:  I have the BEST husband; he is so thoughtful, helpful, and encouraging all the time!)

Anyways!  One thing we hadn't realized was that I simply had not been eating enough food!  Now that I know to take an extra snack break in the afternoon, I should be back on track soon ;)  The other thing we realized was that a lot of what I was worried about doing were things that 1) didn't need to be done as soon as I thought or 2) Doug could easily handle.

Moral of the story:  When you are overwhelmed and overworked, it will do you absolutely NO GOOD to keep working and maintain the same goals.  The only thing you can do to handle the situation is take a breath, reorganize/reboot/reevaluate the situation, and get an outside opinion (or some help!)

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