Sunday, June 24, 2012

Design: Weekly Goals (June 24-30)

I have been waiting for this week for a long time!  On Saturday Doug and I leave for our anniversary trip: the Townshend Family Picnic and Fireworks Show, then off to Williamsburg for a day in Colonial Williamsburg (for our anniversary) and a day at Busch Gardens!!!  It's only a 4 day vacation, but I know it will be full of fun and relaxation ;)  The only downside -- the list of things I need to do before we leave!

1. Complete and Submit Church Risk Paper, 3-5 pg (due 7/1)
2. Begin (and possibly complete/submit) Church Assessment Paper, 8-10 pg (due 7/6)
3. Three presentations (with lecture notes) and ~160 pg reading for new class

4. Laundry (for vacation)
5. Quick clean apartment
6. Get car inspected, tires rotated, and oil changed

7. Get to the gym! (3 times)
8. Keep up with Bible reading even though it's been busy
9. Read 3 more books this week (to hit 50 for the year!)

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