Sunday, June 10, 2012

Design: Weekly Goals (June 10-16)

This week will be an interesting week! Finally working ahead in school, a (much needed) massage appointment, a trip to NC, and continuing my new summer schedule!

1.  Essay (due June 14)
2.  Begin a 6 page paper (due June 24)
3.  Lots of reading!!! (140 pages in 4 days; then 160 pages in 3 days)

4.  Menu Planning/Grocery Shopping (and blog!) on Thursday
5.  Quick Clean before trip to NC
6.  Loads of Laundry (get it? ha ha!)

7.  Keep up with my schedule despite being on vacation
8.  Get outside and enjoy my time off this week!
9.  Still make it to the gym (goal:  3 times)
10.  Enjoy the massage my hubby booked for me ;)

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