About De

This blog is all about my life, or rather what I want to do with my life.  After being involved in everything under the sun in High School, I wanted to relax during college.  It's just too hard to keep an active OCD girl down!!!

The Brotherhood and Sisterhood

I made a lot of friends, including some of the best friends of my life and my future husband.  Many of them would laugh when I would explain my name to someone new:  "My name is De, like the letter."  Now, it's hard to introduce myself any other way ;)
I soon became involved with leadership on campus, moving up to be a Resident Assistant during my third semester.

My first hall as an RA, 26-2
Despite the course load and busy schedule of being an RA, I made time for love...

Doug and I way back in the day
 ...and to have lots of fun with my friends!!!

Bowling after JR/SR Banquet
 Eventually, Doug and I got engaged ;)

A few hours after our engagement
 And got married

And went to Disney World!!!

What more could a girl want?

Over time, I realized that I had focused too much on being busy and doing the right things instead of building relationships and maturing in my own life.  Those things had happened along the way, but much by accident and mostly through a lot of trouble and hardship.  But what would happen if I slowed down, did less, and focused more on living a real life -- full of meaningful relationships, service to others, and true purpose?

That's what this blog is about, and that is what I want my life to look like as I continue to grow and mature as a person.

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