Monday, May 13, 2013

Design: Weekly Goals

Last week was a success because 1) Doug and I graduated with our Masters' degrees and 2) our house was clean enough to have company over!!!

May Goals/Personal
1.  Set up "date" times with 2-3 friends/family members -- one left to go!
2.  Watch Original Star Trek Movie with Doug
3.  Begin reading Arabian Nights

4.  Complete Psalms Reading and Exam
5.  Dance because I finished my Masters' Degree!!!

6.  Grocery Shopping/Menu Plan (and blog!)
7.  Surface clean the apartment (for friends to be able to visit!)

This week is "transition week" in our house; we are taking the week off to relax and get ready for our new school-free schedules, as well as get some much needed rest before beginning to pack up our apartment to move in June!  Still, it's nice to have some goals ;)

May Goals
1.  Set up 1-2 more friends/family "dates"
2.  Enjoy my cousin's wedding and time with family
3.  Play board games with Doug this week

4.  Grocery Shopping/Menu Plan (and blog!)
5.  Laundry and Packing for trip to PA

6.  Begin reading Arabian Nights
7.  Watch Pretty in Pink and It Happened One Night
8.  Rest and relax at home!!!

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