Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Design: May Goals

May = Graduating with my MDiv, packing up my home in order to move, and celebrating my cousin's wedding!  Whew!

2013 Spring Goals
As I said last month, giving my time and focus to my friends and family can never truly be a checklist of goals, but must stem out of habitual change in my own life.  I tried to ease into things last month, but now I need to move things up a bit ;)

1.  Plan regular "dates" with friends and family members (even if they are Skype dates).
2.  Begin corresponding more with long-distance friends and family.
3.  Go out of my way to do something fun with Doug each week. (He's a quality time guy.)

Other Goals
4.  Read the Poems of Emily Dickinson; read Arabian Nights
5.  Watch It Happened One Night, Pretty in Pink, and An Affair to Remember
6.  Complete all my schoolwork in order to GRADUATE!
7.  Have fun with friends and family at my cousin's wedding
8.  Begin packing for our move!

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