Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Delicious: Weekly Meal Plan

De to the stress of finals and exams, I have returned to shopping and planning for one week at a time.  This should also help with our upcoming move so that all freezer and pantry items do not need to be moved with us!

These are all quick and simple meals that take little hands-on time!  Perfect for healthy eating during a busy final week of classes.

Viola Chicken Florentine Meal -- one skillet meal
Frozen Pizza -- fire up the oven!
Broiled Salmon with Pasta and Squash -- oven and one pot, some chopping required
Sauteed Scallops with Pasta and Spinach -- one pot meal
Grilled Steaks with Potatoes and Broccoli -- grill and microwave on this one!
Grilled Chicken with Cheddar Broccoli Rice -- grill and one pot

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