Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Document: April

April has been a blur.  Quite honestly, I barely remember most of what happened (apart from Melissa's Wedding, our quick Baltimore trip, and Leslie's Baby Shower)!!!  I know there was a lot of Psalms reading and Greek......

2013 Spring Goals
It has been so refreshing to be praying over my friends and family intentionally and working to make them a focused part of my life!  I have been able to reach out and connect with more friends and family this month, but I will be working to be more intentional about giving them focused time.

Other Goals
I finally finished Great Expectations, and ready to dig into Emily Dickinson and Arabian Nights!  (I just haven't been feeling Tom Sawyer-ish.)  Doug and I finally watched Dial M for Murder (which was really good), and It Happened One Night is next in our Netflix Queue.  Out of everything from April, celebrating Melissa's Wedding and Leslie's Shower, along with a small break to see some friends in DC and go to the Aquarium in Baltimore!  (Sorry no pictures; we thought we had lost our camera!)

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