Monday, April 22, 2013

Design: Weekly Goals (Apr 22-28)

This week has felt so long even though it was a short week for us!  I think I accomplished quite a bit ;)

April Goals/Personal
1.  Go out of my way to demonstrate love to Doug, one friend, and one family member this week
2.  Finish Great Expectations

3.  Greek Infinitives and Imperatives
4.  Psalms Reading (100+ pages) and Book Review (1200-1500 words)

5.  Menu Plan (and blog!)
6.  Spring Cleaning:  Floors and Decluttering

Well, I have 18 days of my Master's degree left, and only 4 Greek classes!  I can't believe that I will have my M.Div in just over two weeks!  It's crunch time ;)

April Goals/Personal
1.  Maintain relationships with my friends and family
2.  Go out of my way to show love and respect to Doug this week

3.  Greek "mi" verbs
4.  Psalms Reading (100+ pages) and Essay (925-1200 words)

5.  Grocery Shopping/Menu Plan (and blog!)
6.  Spring Cleaning:  Decluttering

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