Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Design: Weekly Goals (Apr 16-21)

I'm off to a bit of a late start this week due to our trip to Chesapeake and Inner Harbor over the last few days!  We "lost" of camera after the wedding and did not find it until we were on our way home, so no pictures!  Still we had a great time ;)  Luckily, I completed most of my goals before our trip.

April Goals/Personal
1.  Connect with three friends/family members this week
2.  Show love and respect to Doug daily
3.  Enjoy Liss's Wedding (and our excursion trip)
4.  Watch Dial M for Murder; Finish Great Expectations

5.  Greek Infinitive Verbs
6.  Psalms Reading (~200 pages) and Quiz/Test

7.  Grocery Shopping, Menu Plan (and blog!)
8.  Spring Cleaning:  Kitchen

Since this week is short, I really need to focus on school and keeping up my health/daily habits.  Only 25 days until I complete my Masters' degree!!!

April Goals/Personal
1.  Go out of my way to demonstrate love to Doug, one friend, and one family member this week
2.  Finish Great Expectations

3.  Greek Infinitives and Imperatives
4.  Psalms Reading (100+ pages) and Book Review (1200-1500 words)

5.  Menu Plan (and blog!)
6.  Spring Cleaning:  Floors and Decluttering

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