Monday, April 8, 2013

Design: Weekly Goals (Apr 8-14)

For someone who still thinks it's February, it surprises me d a i l y that we are in our second week of March April!  We had a freak snow storm earlier this week, but today is warm and sunny!  I may never get comfortable with Virginia springtime ;)

Even with the weird weather, I think I did quite well on my goals for last week:

April Goals/Personal
1.  Make a friends and family prayer list to pray over this week
2.  Show love and respect to Doug daily
3.  Finish making gift for my friend Leslie's Baby Shower
4.  Watch Dial M for Murder -- foiled again!

5.  Begin Greek non-Indicative Verbs
6.  Psalms Reading (100+ pages) and Essay (925-1500 words total) -- I'm a bit behind on my reading

7.  Menu Plan (and blog!)
8.  Begin Spring Cleaning (Living Room and Guest Room)

Bonus:  Maintain my "daily priorities" for eating, exercise, and sleep

This week I need to kick things into high gear; I only have a month left of school!  Now is the time to buckle down and put in the hard work so that Finals aren't as stressful.  Another reason to work hard this week is so that I can take full advantage of the long weekend Doug and I have planned in Chesapeake and Baltimore's Inner Harbor ;)

April Goals/Personal
1.  Connect with three friends/family members this week
2.  Show love and respect to Doug daily
3.  Enjoy Liss's Wedding (and our excursion trip)
4.  Watch Dial M for Murder; Finish Great Expectations

5.  Greek Infinitive Verbs
6.  Psalms Reading (~200 pages) and Quiz/Test

7.  Grocery Shopping, Menu Plan (and blog!)
8.  Spring Cleaning:  Kitchen

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