Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Design: Weekly Goals (May 7-12)

Oh my goodness, what a week!  Between lease signing, paper-writing, studying for a Final, and my little cousin's 5th birthday party, I have barely had a chance to breathe!

May Goals/Personal
1.  Set up "date" times with 3 friends and family members -- Only set up one (with my Gram) which was practically already set before I even began focusing on friends and family!  Still, I'm counting it.
2.  Go see Iron Man 3 with Doug this week

3.  Write and Submit my Psalms Analysis Paper
4.  Study for upcoming Greek Final (5/6)

5.  Grocery Shopping/Menu Plan (and blog!)
6.  Begin decluttering/packing for our move to a new, bigger apartment ;) -- My dear husband put a stop to my decluttering and packing madness with a sweet reminder that we have SEVEN weeks until we move, but only ONE week until graduation.  He is so wise.

This week should be a bit easier and revert back to normal since I only have one Exam between me and graduation!  We will have some friends in town this weekend, so much needed cleaning is in order ;)

May Goals/Personal
1.  Set up "date" times with 2-3 friends/family members
2.  Watch Original Star Trek Movie with Doug
3.  Begin reading Arabian Nights

4.  Complete Psalms Reading and Exam
5.  Dance because I finished my Masters' Degree!!!

6.  Grocery Shopping/Menu Plan (and blog!)
7.  Surface clean the apartment (for friends to be able to visit!)

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