Monday, May 20, 2013

Design: Weekly Goals (May 20-26)

What a crazy week!  I'm writing this goal post from my parents house in PA after a fun weekend celebrating my cousin's wedding, but I will be heading back to my home in VA soon ;)

May Goals
1.  Set up 1-2 more friends/family "dates" -- still working on this ;)
2.  Enjoy my cousin's wedding and time with family
3.  Play board games with Doug this week -- we watched movies instead, per his request

4.  Grocery Shopping/Menu Plan (and blog!) -- no blog because there was no plan! Long story...
5.  Laundry and Packing for trip to PA

6.  Begin reading Arabian Nights
7.  Watch Pretty in Pink and It Happened One Night
8.  Rest and relax at home!!!

This week of being able to be at home and relax with no schoolwork was great!  Now that we've gotten some much deserved R & R, we are ready to begin organizing and packing for our move!!!  Even though we are only moving a few blocks to a bigger apartment, there is a lot of packing and decluttering to do so that we aren't overwhelmed with boxes (or piles of stuff) on moving day ;)

May Goals
1.  Correspond and catch-up with family/friends
2.  Spend quality time with Doug this week (playing games, going to a movie)

3.  Grocery Shopping/Menu Plan (and blog!)
4.  Surface cleaning and decluttering

Moving Goals
5.  Clean Kitchen
6.  Laundry!  Sorted and stowed or bagged for charity/donations

7.  Begin reading Arabian Nights (!!!)
8.  Watch It Happened One Night

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