Sunday, June 10, 2012

Design: Weekly Results (June 3-9)

This was a crazy, unexpected, and hectic week!

1.  Essay, 300 words (due June 7)
2.  Church Budget Project (due June 10) -- I still have tomorrow ;)

3.  Menu Planning/Grocery Shopping (and blog!)
4.  Catch up on dishes and laundry -- the problem with catching up is falling behind again ;)
5.  Quick clean for party (on Wednesday)

6.  Stick to my new summer schedule, starting Monday (4 of 6 days = good, 5/6 = great, 6/6 = fantastic!)
7.  Have fun hosting the Styers' going away party
8.  Work Out!!!

I worked on school SO much the beginning of this week, but Wednesday was all about party planning.  Unfortunately, the guests of honor couldn't attend on short notice, but we threw the party anyways.  We had fun with some friends we don't see often, and got to play Mario Party on our Wii!!!

As for the new summer schedule, I did great!  The consistency of doing the same things each day has been really great.  I love having a cooking To Do list to go with my school To Do; it really helped Doug and I to eat healthy, home-cooked meals so much more than we had been -- as you have seen through my recent posts and pictures ;)

I was also able to begin doing yoga in the mornings again (to help with some back pain/problems), which has greatly increased my cognitive functions in the mornings!  I have been going to the gym too, but I switched to evenings since it fit my schedule better.  I found out that people who work out in the afternoons/evenings end up burning more fat (since they have food in their systems) compared to those who workout first thing in the morning (who have just little if any food in their systems).  I don't know how true it is, but I will believe it if it motivates me to keep finding time in my evenings for it ;)

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