Friday, June 8, 2012

Determination: New Comforter and Sheets

I am SO thrilled with the new Comforter Set Doug and I purchased!!!

Why we so desperately needed new sheets:
When I first moved into our apartment, I bought a sheet set and used my old (pink) comforter from college.  When Doug moved in, we used his comforter (which was also old).  We did receive a duvet set; we put the cover over Doug's comforter, and we loved the new pillowcases and throw pillows, but we went out (with gift cards) and had to buy another sheet set.  (When one gets dirty, it is really nice to have another set to put on the bed.)  Anyways!  When winter turned to spring, we had a heavy duvet/comforter and needed something lighter.  Doug's mom gave us her comforter (which wasn't being used) and that worked out pretty well.

So why did we need new sheets?  First, both of our sheets sets were white (cream, ivory, etc).  This is because we didn't know what other people would be buying us through registries.  Anyway, we were getting sick of white.  Second, there are definitely some blanket issues in our marriage.  One person likes shoulders covered and feet out; the other wants feet covered and arms out.  One uses just a little blanket; the other tends to be a blanket hog.  Anyways, we wanted to get some King-sized bedding for our Queen bed so that everyone could use as much as they wanted ;)

Finally buying new sheets:
We still had a mixed bag of bedding, so when we got our tax refund in March, we put some money aside to buy a nice comforter and sheet set for our bed; something that matched, was masculine enough for Doug but pretty enough for me, and went with our color scheme (and price range).  I knew Memorial Day sales normally included bedding, so I waited until then to start looking.

I found a comforter set (with sheets included) on sale!  Once Doug approved, we ordered it straight away ;)

Masculine brown and plaid for Doug...

...great design and colors for me...

We love it!

This is the Hamlet Set from Bed, Bath, and Beyond; it is an 8 piece set, including comforter, 4 piece sheet set (fitted, flat, and 2 pillowcases), 2 shams, and a bed skirt.  Best of all, we found it on sale and added a coupon we had; it ended up being about $40 under our original budget!

It is so nice to have a change of scenery and something that is both beautiful and functional ;)

**I was not asked or paid to blog about this product.  I bought it, I love it, and I wanted to share it ;)

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