Saturday, June 2, 2012

Design: Weekly Results (May 27-June 2)

What a crazy week!  Doug's Mom flew in Saturday for an unexpected visit and was able to spend time with us before flying out early Wednesday morning.  We got to spend some quality time Wednesday night with friends who are preparing to more to Maryland (4-5 hrs away), and I accomplished most of my school work for this week. (Hey, I still have tomorrow!)

Plus, we officially kicked off June!  Only a month to go until our 1 year anniversary (and our anniversary trip to Williamsburg)!

1. Essay, 300 words (due May 30)
2. Wedding Policy Paper, 3-5 pgs (due June 3)
3.  Lots of reading (roughly 300 pgs) -- I have about 200 pgs left to go :(

4. Menu Planning/Grocery List (w/ blog post!)
5. Quick clean the house

6. Gym, 3 times -- Here's to hoping for a tighter schedule in June!
7. Spend time with friends
8. Fix my sleep schedule

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