Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Date Day: Shakers and Brave

Date (noun):  companion, escort; (verb):  to go out socially

Normally today I would be posting our Weekly Meal Plan, but since I planned and shopped for this week already, I wanted to come up with something else to post!

I needed to get my car inspected and oil changed today before we went on vacation (and because it needed the work done), so we made a date out of it!  Instead of wasting our time waiting at a (busy) shop, we took an opportunity to spend some quality time together.  I worked very hard yesterday to complete all my schoolwork for today in advance to make sure I would have adequate time ;)  The hard work paid off!!!

We took advantage of Restaurant Week in Lynchburg by trying out a local restaurant, Shakers.  Neither of us had ever been to the restaurant before, but we really enjoyed our meals there.  We each got an appetizer, entree, and dessert for only $15, which is pretty great for a nice lunch date!

Doug at Shakers

Doug finishing his Bam Bam Shrimp

My Spinach Dip w/ Chips

Doug's Catfish, Coleslaw, and Mac n Cheese

My Cheesy Mushroom Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, and Mac n Cheese

We both tried the Mocha Mud Pie Ice Cream

Afterwards, we went to see the new Disney/Pixar movie Brave.  It was a really great story about the mother/daughter relationship, priorities, and pride.

Even though it focused on the mother/daughter relationship, it was full of jokes and action for all the guys out there ;)  I totally recommend seeing it!!!

(PS The short film La Luna was excellent!  It totally fit with the feel of Brave while having it's own unique story.)

So the next time you have some "waiting" time, don't let it become "wasted" time!  Instead, turn it into wonderful quality time ;)

I was not paid to advertise Lynchburg Restaurant Week, Shakers, La Luna, or Brave.  I just think all of these things are awesome, and I am so glad they were a part of a wonderful date with my husband.

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