Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Design: Weekly Results (June 24-30)

Sorry this is late, but since we lost power on Friday night (and still don't have power in our apartment), then left for vacation Saturday morning...well, this is the first chance I had!

1. Complete and Submit Church Risk Paper, 3-5 pg (due 7/1)
2. Begin (and possibly complete/submit) Church Assessment Paper, 8-10 pg (due 7/6) -- with no power for the rest of this week, there is a good chance this paper will not be submitted on time!
3. Three presentations (with lecture notes) and ~160 pg reading for new class

4. Laundry (for vacation)
5. Quick clean apartment -- I did some before we lost power, but I was in the middle of packing when things shut off
6. Get car inspected, tires rotated, and oil changed

7. Get to the gym! (3 times) -- made it twice, so not too bad
8. Keep up with Bible reading even though it's been busy
9. Read 3 more books this week (to hit 50 for the year!) -- one down, two to catch up on ;)

The only goals I had for this week (July 1-7) were to 1) have tons of fun on vacation and 2) complete my paper/class.  At least I know one of those goals has been met ;)

P.S. Happy Independence Day!!!

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