Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Delicious: Weekly Meal Plan

It has been a really long time since Doug and I have been able to put together a Meal Plan!!!  This week will be kind of crazy for grocery shopping since we only have ice in the freezer and hot sauce in the fridge!  I am so glad that we had been saving grocery money by eating out of our fridge and freezer more!  We have a few weeks worth of grocery money stocked up to help us refill ;)

For that reason, this week is full of larger meals so that I can 1) make extra for the freezer and 2) have some leftovers for Doug to take to work.  The plan is to buy only what we need for this week and continue to restock over the next few weeks.

Wednesday:  Shredded Buffalo Chicken Sammies w/ Chips
Thursday:  Eggplant Rollatini w/ Spinach Rigatoni
Friday:  Meatloaf w/ Potatoes and Green Beans (out to eat for Lunch w/ Fam)
Saturday:  Salmon/Cod Pockets w/ Herbed Orzo
Sunday:  Breaded Pork w/ Potatoes and Broccoli
Monday:  Out to Eat All Day (w/ Fam)
Tuesday:  Smoked Sausage Jumbalaya

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