Sunday, July 15, 2012

Determination: July Update

This month, Doug and I have been able to celebrate our one year anniversary!  While this has been really great, to me it has been a little weird.  It just hasn't felt like a year at all.  It feels like fifty years and like a week all at the same time.  Everyone says that your first year of marriage is the hardest, but this year has been really easy for us (at least with our relationship)!  Anyways, we have definitely accomplished being able to celebrate, and I could not be happier with where we are in life and in our marriage.  

The same can not be said about our apartment.

While I absolutely love our apartment, and while I have worked very hard to make sure the kitchen is both beautiful and functional, while I have redecorated the living room and revamped our finances and filing system, while our bathroom is clean and organized...the bedrooms are abysmal.

Doug and I realized in the Spring that we have a lot of misused space in our bedroom and the guest room; that we have made things hard on ourselves due to the layout and organization of these two rooms.  It makes no sense to have his clothes in one room and mine in another, but that's how it ended up when Doug came.  It makes no sense to have Doug's office area in the middle of the guest room, unable to be used when guests arrive.  We have piles of books in our room and empty shelves elsewhere.  We have a TV and VCR sitting on our bedroom floor (and thus unable to be used).  It is just a wreck.

So, that is something we desperately wanted to change.  Doug has put in for some time off work; we are planning to Clean Sweep those two rooms so that we will finally have a place for everything and everything actually in its place!!!

While this is going to be a lot of work, I really think this will help us to enjoy our bedroom more, enjoy having company more, and enjoy our apartment overall more.  This will help us to rid our apartment of a lot of unnecessary things; this also gives me a chance to purge my closet once more in time to replenish during the back-to-school sales ;)

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