Saturday, July 28, 2012

Design: Weekly Results (July 22-28)

This week was really busy and really fun!  Doug and I accomplished so much!

1.  Devotional Project (due 7/29)
2.  Five Presentations -- still working on some of these ;)
3.  Work on Research Paper (due 8/12)

4.  Clean Sweep Guest Room -- see below
5.  Clean Sweep Bedroom
6.  Menu Plan/Grocery Shopping (and blog!) -- no blog post because we did no shopping 
                                                                        this week! Yea  for eating from the 

7.  Back to School Shopping -- though I have a few minor things left to buy
8.  Get to Gym!!!

Doug and I sat down Tuesday morning and walked through what it would take (time, effort) to Clean Sweep both rooms this week.  In the end, we figured out that the Guest Room needed little changed or removed; we basically only wanted to rearrange the furniture.  Our bedroom, however, needed a major overhaul!  we decided to spend all of our time this week cleaning, rearranging, and redecorating our bedroom!!! (Pics and post to come.)

Now that we have control over our room, we can spend an afternoon next week to rearrange the Guest Room.  The Clean Sweep method (take everything out of the room, place the furniture, move necessary items back in the room) has really helped us to take control of the space and get rid of clutter that does not belong in our lives!  If you have not tried "clean sweeping" a room, take a day or two to try it!  Not only will it help you create the space you want, it is a great way to find items for a garage/yard sale or to donate.

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