Saturday, July 21, 2012

Design: Weekly Results (July 15-21)

So on Thursday, I reworked my "To Do" List for school.  Unfortunately, I did the list from Wednesday to Sunday, giving me an extra day that I did not have.  And I didn't figure that out until Friday morning.  Needless to say, that put me in a bit of a tailspin!!!

1.  Reading, reading, reading (about 275 pgs)
2.  Six Presentations/Lectures -- one presentation for tomorrow before the Exam
3.  Exam 1 (due 7/22) -- prepped to take it tomorrow!
4.  Gather sources for upcoming papers (due 7/29 and 8/12)

5.  Menu Plan/Grocery Shopping (and blog post!)
6.  Gather and sort all paperwork -- this is just going to have to wait

7.  Get back to the gym! -- this I Epically failed due to work, sickness, and naps ;)
8.  Get back on normal schedule -- I was able to get back on schedule, just not the normal one ;)

Anyways, I am choosing to make the best of this!  I am so close to being caught up (from losing power), and I know if I just work diligently through Sunday, I can take control of my schoolwork!!!

Doug and I are also planning to see Dark Knight Rises next week and "Clean Sweep" the bedrooms of our apartment; being on track with school is the only way I do those things!!!

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