Thursday, January 31, 2013

Document: January

One month down, eleven to go! ;)

Part of me cannot believe that only a month as passed this year, but so much happened this month!

2013 Winter Goals
This month, I really wanted to focus on beginning each day with healthy habits, like eating breakfast and stretching/doing yoga.  While I didn't reach my goals of eating breakfast 5 days each week, I did average just over 3 days per week, which is a big improvement.  Stretching each morning has become a habit, and I think that has really helped me get started each day.

I also wanted to begin exercising more regularly; I was able to work out most days each week, even though I didn't make t to the gym every day.  I also worked to take care of myself so that I wouldn't get sick, including taking a relaxing detox bath.  I feel like I did a really great job taking care of myself, and as a result, a better job at taking care of my responsibilities.

Other Goals
As far as my entertainment goals go, I haven't finished Jane Eyre yet, but I am making progress in reading it.  I watched Strangers on a Train this month, which was such a great movie!  Any movie by Hitchcock is worth watching once, and this classic filled with murder, revenge, and blackmail did not disappoint.  

I also made a Spring Schedule, and for the most part I have stuck to it!  I have found that I often don't have a realistic idea of how long things will take which has made following my schedule a bit difficult.  Celebrating my birthday and our trip to Florida also put a kink in my "normal" schedule, but I think I have had enough time to get back on schedule ;)

For February, I am hoping to keep working to develop habits to help me take care of myself, as well as get a bit more culture through reading classic and watching classics!  Even though February is short, we have a lot going on!  We have most of our "annual" doctor appointments this month, Valentine's Day, and (most importantly) Doug's Birthday!!!


  1. What is the detox bath? What did it help / do? How do you do one?

    1. A detox bath uses either Epsom Salts or Hydrogen Peroxide to pull toxins out of your body and relax muscles. I used 2 cups Epsom Salts and some (about 1/2 cup) Baking Soda (to neutralize my hard water). The best thing is to make sure the water is very hot as you are filling the tub so the salts dissolve. If you try this, be sure to drink at least 8 oz of water before and during the bath, and be sure to hydrate after!!!

      More information on this can be found in the link I posted in my Determination: January Goals (Week 4) post!