Saturday, January 12, 2013

Determination: January Goals (Week 2)

I can't believe we are only two weeks into a New Year!  This last week has been so busy with celebrating my birthday, running errands, getting ready for classes to begin (on Monday!), and prepping for our trip to Florida.  With what seemed like a million little things to do, I think I accomplished quite a bit this week.

Here's what my weekly goals look like:

January Goals for this Week
1.  Begin reading Jane Eyre -- Today. Really, I promise.
2.  Make Spring Schedule

3.  Order textbooks for my FINAL semester
4.  E-mail professors about being in FL during the first week of classes
5.  Create eight week To Do List for projects/homework

6.  Drop off my old laptop to Geek Squad; pick up new Microsoft Office
7.  Menu Plan (and blog!) -- plus I linked up to Menu Plan Monday for the first time ;)
8. Catch up on cleaning and laundry before leaving for FL

9.  Check out workout/gym options for Doug and I (while all the January sales are going on) -- plus we signed up for gym memberships
10.  Get hair cut and colored (appointment Jan 10)

As for my January Goals:
-- I ate breakfast four times this week (yea for progress!)

-- I stretched each morning this week

-- I was active this week by running errands, joining a gym (on Wednesday), and going to the gym twice

-- I almost took my relaxing bath this week, but decided to wait until the end of the month (when I'll really need it!!!)

-- I am still not sick!!!  I think I am on the verge of sickness, so I am going to make sure to get the rest and vitamins I need to make it until we get to Florida! (I am convinced that all that vitamin D from soaking up the sun will keep me healthy through he rest of cold/flu season.)

-- I am beginning to read Jane Eyre (today)

-- I am waiting for the arrival of Strangers on a Train

-- I have completed my Spring Schedule, but am still working on applying it ;)

-- I enjoyed my birthday immensely! (Red Lobster, presents, and a Pretty Little Liars marathon makes any birthday special.)

-- I am planning to enjoy our trip to Florida in just a few days!

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