Saturday, January 19, 2013

Determination: January Goals (Week 3)

Well, school has officially started and we traveled to and from Florida this week!  I can't believe how much happened this week, but I'm glad that 1) I only have one semester left in my Masters' program and 2) we were able to visit friends and family in Florida!!!

Even though we were busy, I still tried to complete my weekly goals:

January Goals
1.  Enjoy our trip to Florida ;)
2.  Read 150 pages of Jane Eyre -- Waaaay behind on reading!

3.  Complete all Greek Review by Friday
4.  Complete all DSMN Reading by Saturday -- Did I mention I was behind on reading?
5.  Turn in all assignments by Saturday -- Tomorrow ;)

6.  Menu Plan and Make Grocery List for return from FL (and blog!)
7.  Clean and Pack before trip!

8.  Make it to the gym every day this week (that we are at home, lol)
9.  Be out in the FL sunshine!

And my monthly goals have progressed as well:

-- I ate breakfast four times this week

-- I stretched five mornings this week (and got on a plane the other two!)

-- I went to the gym once and walked around in Florida quite a bit

-- I am getting ready to take my detox bath this upcoming week

-- I am still not sick despite some fatigue and a fever one night early this week

-- I have started Jane Eyre, but didn't have much time to read this week

-- I finally got Strangers on a Train from Netflix and will watch it this week

-- I am still working to apply my Spring Schedule now that our trip is over

-- Just as I enjoyed my birthday, I really enjoyed our trip to Florida!

January is more than halfway complete, and I feel really great about how I have changed my focus and goals for this year and this month.  I am so looking forward to getting back to a "normal" schedule with classes and other responsibilities.

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