Saturday, January 26, 2013

Determination: January Goals (Week 4)

This week has felt  s o o o   l  o  n  g . . . . .

So making it to the end of the week feel like its own victory! ;)  Now that Doug and I are back in the full swing of things, it has been easier to think through my goals each day and really be intentional about completing them...most of the time!!!

Here's how my Weekly Goals turned out:

January Goals
1.  Take a Detox Bath
2.  Read 100 pages of Jane Eyre -- I've been falling asleep too early to read as much as I normally do
3.  Watch Strangers on a Train

4.  Catch up in Greek and be through Ch 23 by Friday -- I am caught up with all assignments
5.  Complete all DSMN reading by Tuesday
6.  Turn in all DSMN assignments by Friday -- I have to reply to others' essays

7.  Menu Plan/Grocery Shopping (and blog!)
8.  "Deep Clean" the Living Room and Bathroom -- I didn't get as "deep" as I wanted...yet
9.  Catch up on laundry (from vacation)

10.  Make it to the gym each day before Greek -- This has been a rough week gym-wise
11.  Blog about our trip to FL ;) -- Soon ;)

I have made a lot of progress on my Monthly Goals!  I only have a week left in January, but I have already achieved most of my goals, and have made progress on the others.

-- I ate breakfast 3 times this week.

-- I stretched each morning this week

-- I went to the gym twice; my older athletic shoes began to hurt my ankle, so I had to wait for my new ones to come in the mail to go again.

-- I took a detox bath yesterday using this recipe.

-- I am still not sick, but I have a bit of a sore throat today :(

-- I am reading Jane Eyre, but it is coming along slowly, as I have only been reading once or twice a week, much less than normal.

-- I watched Strangers on a Train last night; it was intriguing, captivating, and creepy all at once.

-- I have been following my Spring Schedule for the most part ;)

-- I enjoyed my birthday and our trip to Florida.

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