Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Design: Weekly Goals (Jan 8-12)

Well, just a few days into this month, and I find myself semi-paralyzed without a Weekly To Do List!!!  I really believed that it had become a list of homework and a hindrance to me, but I definitely feel lost without it.  I am viewing this realization as a learning experience and part of learning to take care of myself.

Anyways!  Here are my goals for this week (and you can see my progress for the year here):

January Goals for this Week
1.  Begin reading Jane Eyre
2.  Make Spring Schedule

3.  Order textbooks for my FINAL semester
4.  E-mail professors about being in FL during the first week of classes
5.  Create eight week To Do List for projects/homework

6.  Drop off my old laptop to Geek Squad; pick up new Microsoft Office
7.  Menu Plan (and blog!)
8. Catch up on cleaning and laundry before leaving for FL

9.  Check out workout/gym options for Doug and I (while all the January sales are going on)
10.  Get hair cut and colored (appointment Jan 10)

Some of them are already complete, but I like seeing what I accomplished this week ;)

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