Saturday, January 5, 2013

Determination: January Goals (Week 1)

This week was a bit crazy, but really great!  Even though Doug had to work New Years' Eve (resulting in the fact that Doug and I have still never been able to be together to ring in the New Year at midnight), we had a lot of fun New Years' Day with his cousin Beverly and her son Jacob.  Doug did a Fish Fry for us, we played with Legos and on the Wii, and we went to see Monsters, Inc in 3D!!!  It was a really fun way to start 2013 ;)

As much fun as this was, Doug and I have also been fighting "the sickness" quite a bit this week.  I have had a weird cough for the last few days, and Doug has been very fatigued and achy, but I refuse to give in to sickness...yet!

Despite the fun and the fighting, I feel like I was able to make a dent in this month's goals!
-- I progressed by eating breakfast a few times this week, which is much better ;)

-- I succeeded in stretching six days this week! Yea!

-- I progressed to get my exercise times in this week by being up and moving much more than the last few weeks (and we are checking out a gym with great hours next week).

-- I progressed in getting set up for a detox bath by buying some Epsom salts ;)

-- I succeeded thus far in not getting sick!  I am hoping the extra orange juice and healthy food options in the house will help keep us healthy; in addition, I set up several "annual" doctor and dentist appointments for Doug and I, so hopefully the input will help keep us healthy this year!

-- I progressed in reading a classic book by choosing to read Jane Eyre first.

-- I progressed in watching a classic movie by putting Strangers on a Train next in our Netflix Queue.

-- I am working on a Spring Schedule, which should be ready by Monday.

-- I am planning to enjoy my birthday a lot on Monday ;)

-- Likewise, I am planning to enjoy our trip to Florida in just over a week!

Even though I can't cross any goal off my list for the month, this year is not about the lists!!!  I am really learning to enjoy and focus on the progression and growth of life instead of viewing my life as tasks to complete or fail to finish.

(But if I was keeping a list, I think I could cross off "being content with my progression" for this week!!!)

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