Monday, April 30, 2012

Document: April

Is it really the end of April?

We had Doug's mom and step-dad visit (with some furniture) before their move to Florida, we traveled to PA to see my family for Easter, we conquered midterms, we accomplished a lot of cleaning and rearranging (and some other things), and we are ready for Finals over the next two weeks!

1. Spring Cleaning (12 in 2012).  Our house is much cleaner, we have implemented a regular cleaning schedule, our kitchen is *finally* starting to function normally (which has been a challenge since we got the washer/dryer), our closets have been sorted and restocked, and our living room is much more efficient!

2. Reading.  April was a slow month for reading, but I have officially read 30 books this year (13 new)!!!  I recently ordered The Necromancer (#4 Alchemyst series), so I am working through that series again.  I also ordered my final two Austen Series books (Northpointe Chalet and Possibilites), completing my set!  That will be my next series to go through.  once we get into the swing of summer, I should be ready to jump back into LOTR ;)

3. Cooking.  I did my first Freezer Cooking (with more to come) and tried making lobster for the first time ever!  I am planning on trying to make Eggplant Parmesan this month, as well as making some "main dish" sized salads.  Other things to try over summer:  Oatmeal Smoothies and Royal Icing (with Sugar Cookies).

4. Health/Fitness.  We have had a few nice days that I was able to get outside, but I am definitely planning to add walking/jogging to my exercise routine within the next month!  I also am trying to fit a Zumba class into my schedule; the class schedule should change in May, which may provide me with a better time slot!  I always tend to lose weight during the summer (from playing outside); this summer I want to make sure I am becoming more fit, not just thinner.

And what about May?  May is our Apartment-versary!!!  In honor of this milestone, I want to finish all the little things to finalize this apartment being our home:
1.  Redoing our Guest Room (to host more guests)
2.  Finish "outfitting" our apartment (buying all the little things we need but have lived without)
and possibly...
3.  Rearranging our bedroom!

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