Sunday, April 22, 2012

Design: Weekly Goals (Apr 22-28)

Someone asked me, "Why 10 goals?  Why not 7 or 14?"  My answer is: because I had 10 goals.  My advice to everyone for goal-setting (or resolution-making) is to not worry about following a formula, but figure out what works for you.  First, I write down the things that I must accomplish this week (like grading or schoolwork that is due); then I can add in some other things that I want to get done this week (like working ahead in school or blogging).  I aim to have at least two things per category, but no more than 12 goals for the week (two per weekday and two for the weekend).

1.  Essay (400 words, due April 25)
2.  Work on Final Paper outline; begin research (due May 11)

3.  Finish grading and return all homework/quizzes before last class (April 26)
4.  Finalize grade book prior to Final Exam (May 1)

5.  Menu planning and Grocery shopping (with blog post)
6.  Organize pantry and quick clean kitchen
7.  Finish cleaning bedroom
8.  Create and use laundry/cleaning schedule

9.  Make it to the gym 3 times this week
10.  Finish reading The Hobbit
11.  Get last 3 disposable cameras developed

This is a lot to accomplish in one week, but I want to work hard now so that Doug and I can relax through May -- May is already jam-packed full of events and fun things to do!!!

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