Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Determination: "New" Living Room

Yesterday, I rearranged our Living Room!!!  Now there is much more space for guests, the seating is more comfortable for talking or watching TV, and there is less room for clutter!!!

Like I said earlier in April, I might not show the before pictures (since our house was a bit messy), but I have one "before" to show you...

As you can see, the edge of the couch was blocked off and our chair near the door became a catch-all for mail, bags, and tons of other things!!!  So we moved the couch out and put our chair, game cabinet, and Wii shelf along that wall...

With my hubby trying to "hide" from the picture
...and replaced the chair with our love seat...

He couldn't hide that time ;)
...and moved the couch along the opposite wall!

Now, when we come out of the bedrooms or bathroom, we have a nice and open Living Room to enjoy!!!

This provides more space in front of the TV for playing Wii Games, exercising/stretching (my yoga mat fits perfectly now), playing board games on the floor (with nice sofas to lean against), or having an air mattress for extra guests.  Now when guests are over, we can actually face each other easily to talk, or we can get comfortable for a movie (and no one has to sit right next to the screen).  This also "opened up" more wall space to hang a few photos or paintings or put up a shelf.

The only thing left to do in the Living Room is to shift our TV to the left so that I can put a "Mail Basket" next to the door.  We can still fit shoes and a small purse (or two!) between the love seat and the door, but the rest of our Living Room clutter has no where to go!  Extra games are piled in the "nook" between the love seat and the chair, and we can place a medium-sized trash can in that area as well. (There was no place for even a small trash can before moving furniture.)  Lighting is also much better because our table lamp and floor lamp are both located in corners now, so the light is reflected across the entire room.

I just LOVE my new Living Room -- and, I didn't even spend $0.01 to make it better!

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