Friday, April 20, 2012

Determination: Living Room Curtains

Today I will share the story of the Living Room Curtains.

Shortly after Doug and I were married, I ordered curtains (off our registry, using gift cards) for our living room. They were nothing fancy:  brown tab-top panels and a simple bar.  No curtain clips, no tie-backs, just three hooks to hold the bar in place.  Even though we did not have an electric drill (to put the screws in), we had friends who did.  Doug and I both thought there would be no problems.

August 2011:  Curtains/Bar arrive; we are super busy with our extra reception, my mother-in-law's wedding, and classes beginning.  No worries.

September 2011:  Didn't have time to borrow drill; we should have time in October, right?

October 2011:  Baby Beth (our niece) is born and we throw an epic Halloween party.

November 2011:  Midterms and Thanksgiving

December 2011:  Starting to get a little frustrated about the curtains, but Final and Christmas travelling consume our time.  My parents buy Doug a Cordless Drill and Bit Set for Christmas.  These curtains should be up in no time!!!

January 2012:  We mark the locations for the holes; finish holiday visits, my birthday celebration, classes begin,  and Doug's grandfather passes away.

February 2012:  Plan an afternoon of curtain hanging (with help from our friend Jon).  Drill the holes -- hit the brick on the outside of our building.  The anchors and screws are too long.

March 2012:  Midterms and my grandfather passes; we get new anchors, screws, and washers from my uncle Reed to fix the length problems.

Early April 2012:  Doug tries using the new screws; the 2nd and 3rd sets of holes are too big, and the anchors are spinning in them.

My window looks so sad and empty

Today (April 20, 2012):  Doug (with help from my dad) cuts the anchors to fit, uses washers to fix the length, and officially get our curtains hung!!!  Yea!!!  

It took 9 months, but we finally have curtains!!!

Pretty Curtains!

Leafy curtain ends (sorry it is fuzzy!)

They look so great!

They really add some texture and depth to our living room, and it added an instant homey feeling!

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