Sunday, April 29, 2012

Design: Weekly Results (April 22-28)

Here's what I accomplished this week!!!

1.  Essay (400 words, due April 25)
2.  Work on Final Paper outline; begin research (due May 11) -- starting research today!

3.  Finish grading and return all homework/quizzes before last class (April 26)
4.  Finalize grade book prior to Final Exam (May 1)

5.  Menu planning and Grocery shopping (with blog post)
6.  Organize pantry and quick clean kitchen -- dishes (from Freezer Cooking) took precedence
7.  Finish cleaning bedroom -- rainy days = more laundry = less time for other cleaning
8.  Create and use laundry/cleaning schedule

9.  Make it to the gym 3 times this week -- oh gym, why do you avoid me so?
10.  Finish reading The Hobbit
11.  Get last 3 disposable cameras developed -- dropped off and getting developed over the weekend ;)

What I love about having Weekly Goals is that I can see how well I prioritized my week, generally.  The one thing that is not clear from crossing things off of a list is on what I spent my time.  This week, I rested a bit (from a touch of a cold), accomplished some freezer cooking (another post coming soon!), and was able to implement a cleaning schedule (no easy task).  Overall, I feel very accomplished despite the handful of "half-results" on the list.

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