Saturday, December 31, 2011

Determination: 12 in 2012, January

Determination (noun):  perseverance, resolution, conviction

As mentioned here, I am spreading out my New Years' Resolutions over the entire year!  I am going to be planning one resolution/goal for each month of the year (knowing that some flexibility will most likely be needed).  Here is my list so far:

January:  Have an Organized Apartment (thanks in great part to The 444 Plan.)
February:  Update Photos/Scrapbooks
March:  Learn to Make Memories (and begin making some!)
April:  Spring Cleaning
May:  Celebrate and Update Apartment for my Apartment-versary!
June:  Mid-Year Review
July:  Mine and Doug's Anniversary!  Where are we now?
August:  Vacation -- taking a break to enjoy life ;)
September:  Clothing Control
October:  School/Job Plans after Graduation
November:  Curves-iversary!  Health goals for another year
December:  Holidays -- decorating, baking, parties, presents!

While a few of these a self-explanatory, many are a bit vague because they are things I don't know about now. Example:  Maybe by October I will have some idea of my plans after graduation.  While these are some "project goals" for the New Year, I do have a set of personal "2 degree" goals that are a part of my everyday life.

Reading.  Every year I try to read more books.  While I have not come up with a fool-proof way to track my progress, I do try to read as much as possible.  Currently, there are 350+ books on my reading list (and it's still growing).  I read roughly 2 books a week (1-2 during school and about 4 during breaks and summer), so I would love to read 100 books this year, half of which being books I have not read before (or honestly don't remember since I read them in Middle School).  I am going to try to keep an updated Reading List here on my blog (list newest read to oldest) to track my progress!  The new books I read will be marked (with a **); maybe I'll post some book summaries/reviews for those of you who are looking for more books to read!

Cooking.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to cook.  Every year I try to cook new recipes and try new foods.  For 2012, I am particularly interested in trying more slow-cooker meals since I have rarely used my slow-cooker this year.  I am also going to try to make my own take-out a lot more this year since both Doug and I love Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc ;)  I will also be listing new recipes I try on the side-bar with a link to the recipe if possible.

Health/Weight.  Instead of waiting for 2012 to hit, I started going to Curves around Thanksgiving.  After a month, my clothes feel looser, I have more energy during the week, and I can notice definition in my muscles.  When I signed up for Curves I had a weight goal in mind already, what I call my "senior" weight.  This is how much I weighed when I finished High School and started College.  Right now, I have about 30 lbs to go to hit that weight, which is my one-year Curves goal.  My overall goal is to get down to my "freshmen" weight which is what I weighed when I finished my first year of college (about 20-25 lbs more).  While hitting those "magic numbers" are great for a lot of people, I also want to make sure I am healthy.  Doug and I have been trying to eat healthier since we got married (mostly by adding more water and veggies and by cutting fast food and sodas).  With my Curves foundation, I really want to start walking, jogging, and running in the Spring!

Anyways!  I hope some of these goals and ideas inspire you to begin making changes for 2012, and I can't wait to see where the New Year takes us ;)

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