Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Is it really only the end of December?  Have I only been blogging here for 2 months?  Oh my!  Because of how many things Doug and I have been up to, it seems like much more time has gone by!  Since my last update, we have 1) completed making Christmas Baskets (thought there are a few we still need to hand out!), 2) completed our classes for the semester, 3) successfully celebrated Christmas with 2 of 3 sets of parents (we see the last set this week!), and 4) are ready to continue living healthier this new year!  Wow!

Even though we accomplished quite a bit, there is a bit more to do:

1. The 444 Plan.  I have a break from classes and work from December 16 through January 16 that I just could not waste.  While I am taking time to enjoy having less responsibility (i.e. reading a book a day, watching TV and movies, taking naps), there are so long overdue projects that I am hoping to tackle before classes begin that I mapped out here.

2. 12 for 2012.  I like making New Years' Resolutions, but (as an OCD over-achieving perfectionist), I normally end up wearing myself out trying to complete all these goals by February instead of making small changes that will constitute a larger change.  (I call these "2 degree" changes versus "180s.")  I have decided to combat this for 2012 by trying to come up with one goal/resolution for each month of the year.  Obviously there are a few year-long goals I have for myself (mostly do to with reading, cooking, and losing weight), but there are a lot of mini projects and ideas that I want to do this year!

3. Celebrate.  With all this planning, organizing, and goal-making, I can't forget to celebrate!  2011 has been a great year:  I moved into my first apartment, got married (whoo-hoo!), finally went to Disney World (!!!), had several friends and family members get married, have a new baby niece Beth, hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas...whew!  While it has been busy, it has been full of blessings, joy, family, and love.  I can't wait to see what's in store for 2012!!!

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