Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Desserts: Chocolate Caramel Candy

This week has just been crazy!  On top of finishing my own classes and finishing grading papers for my boss, I also have to finish making some goodies before my parents get in this weekend!  Anyways, I decided today would be a perfect day to make Chocolate Caramel Candy!  Not only is it very simple (mix, heat, and pour), it is made in 4 layers, each of which must be refrigerated before adding the next layer.  Since I am paper-writing today, it provides the PERFECT distraction during paper-writing breaks ;)

Layer one was super easy!  I put down parchment paper (so I wouldn't slice up my pan when I cut the candy), but it ended up being quite a pain!  If you decide to make this, definitely go with 1) a pan you don't mind cutting up or 2) something glass or scratch-proof.

Making layer two was pretty easy, but spreading it was a bit of a pain.  Because the mixture was so warm, it began melting the bottom layer!  I definitely suggest letting it cool a bit before spreading.

Layer three was BY FAR the most difficult just because it took a lot longer than I thought it would.  I had to melt down the caramels on low heat so they wouldn't overcook (= become brittle), which took about a half an hour!  My suggestion:  melt them a bit in the microwave first.

Anyway, it looked really nice once it was spread out.  I wish I would have added in a bit of extra cream in order to thin it out a bit (= easier to spread by the edges), but I think it should be okay.

The top layer was the same as the bottom layer, which made it easy and predictable!  I let it cool for several hours, and then I tried to cut it!  It was really tough to cut through, so I ended up making lines across the top (to make sure it would be enough pieces) and let my husband cut through it for me ;)

They candy turned out great!  The recipe said it would taste like Snickers, but I wasn't actually expecting it to.  It did!  I think I liked them more than Snickers because they were a bit creamier ;)

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