Sunday, December 18, 2011

Desserts: Brownie Almond Biscotti

I was probably most excited to make this, which is why I saved it for last.  I fully embrace my Italian heritage (and my olive skin that very rarely burns!)...especially when cooking!  To me, winter is not complete without cocoa and something yummy to dip in it!

Anyways, I used this recipe to make this super simple and tasty biscotti.  There was a small amount of wet ingredients compared to the dry, which was hard to mix!

It was enough though!  I ended up using my hands at the end to make sure all the ingredients were mixed in and to form the loaves.

After baking the loaves, cooling, slicing, and cooking the biscotti, I drizzled them with some white chocolate and sprinkled some leftover ground almonds over the top!

I thought they looked pretty nice!  I let them sit out overnight in order for the chocolate to cool completely and so the cookies would be nice and hard -- perfect for dipping!

Anyways!  They tasted so good!!!  And it's always nice to have something pretty sitting next to your coffee or cocoa cup ;)

It cost around $4 to make 60 biscotti ($0.07 a cookie!), but I didn't have to buy any almonds (My Dad gave me a bag.), so my cost is a little less than it should have been!  Still, it would only be $0.12-0.13 per cookie -- not bad at all!!!

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