Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Desserts: Dr Pepper Brownies and Fruity Muffins

Okay, so they're actually Dr K brownies (the Kroger brand of Dr Pepper), but the idea and taste will be the same!!! Plus, I saved money by purchasing the store brand -- yea for savvy shopping!

Anyways! These are not for the Christmas Baskets (sorry guys); they are an extra treat I decided to make for my hubby! He LOVES Dr Pepper (hence why we have a case of Dr K in the pantry) and is more of a chocoholic than I am, so I thought these would be great to pack in his lunch for a pick-me-up! Added Bonus: These brownies were the quickest and easiest dessert I have ever made!

I'm not sure where I found the recipe (probably Pinterest), but it is so simple that I didn't even have to write it down! You mix 1 box of Family-Sized brownie mix with 1 can of soda (from the pantry, not chilled). Bake the brownies according to the box directions (for me, 350 for 26-28 minutes). You can use any kind of soda (the example I saw used Diet Coke...mmmm) and any kind of brownie mix. I chose the Low-Fat Fudge Brownie mix for my version. Wherever I read about this said that using Diet Soda and Low-Fat Mix makes each brownie about 100 calories with only 1/2 a gram of fat!

Be careful when adding the soda; it will foam A LOT, but just keep adding it slowly and keep mixing. The batter will be liquidy. I added about 1/3 of the can of soda at a time, mixing as I went to keep lumps from forming.

Because I was so excited about this (and because it only took 3 minutes to prep), I forgot to take pictures of the mix :( However, here are the finished brownies!

Next time, I may try adding some fruit, like drained maraschino cherries, or drizzling white chocolate over the top of the brownies. These would also be really great in Brownie Sundaes because they are really moist and cakey ;) If you're not a fan of gooey brownies, just add 2-3 minutes onto your cook time.

Since my oven was already warm, (and since I needed some kind of snack to send home with my mother-in-law) I made some muffins while the brownies were baking!!! I had two muffin mix packets ($0.60 each) that only required 1/2 c milk to make. Each mix was supposed to make 5-6 muffins, but I only had 8 muffin liners!!! I decided to just use both mixes at once to make 8 big muffins. The flavors I had went together pretty well -- Apple Cinnamon mix and Blueberry mix. Here's what the muffins looked like.

I just love how golden the tops were, but the insides were still white, moist, and tasty!!! I love that they are small enough to be a treat/snack but big enough that you won't feel the need to eat an extra one! = Perfect sized.

Total Cost = $3.09 for 16 brownies ($0.11 each), 8 jumbo muffins ($0.17 each), and a happy hubby and happy mother-in-law (Priceless)!

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