Friday, December 9, 2011


Daily (adjective, adverb): of, done, occurring, or issued each day

Lately I've been feeling very thankful for my life and the people/things/situations in it. I realize this may be a few weeks late, but being grateful should be a part of our lives daily, not annually. So, here is my list of things that I am feeling especially thankful for today.

Our Christmas Tree with the lights off
1. My Family. Not only am I blessed with parents, grandparents, and extended family who love me, I married a wonderful man who is part of a large family who (as far as I know) loves me and cares about me as well. In this day and age, that is very rare.

2. My Health. Not only am I alive and relatively healthy, I have healthy food available, I can go to a gym to take care of myself, and I can go see a doctor if I need to. Huge blessing.

3. My Job. Not only am I blessed to not have to work to maintain our household, I get to work in a field I love (which pays for me to do what I love -- learn), all of which is setting me up to enter my dream career. Can you even ask for more?

4. My Home. Doug and I are so blessed to live in a safe and quiet community (for a relatively low price) in a warm and clean apartment. We have plenty of room to host friends and family, we have nice things (including our Christmas Tree!), and we have no outstanding debt (school loans don't count!).

These things are true most days, if not every day. Therefore, I have no reason to complain or grumble about my life or anything in it!


  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog as I am friend of your sister-in-law. What are you doing to school for? Your dream career? I agree too that student loans don't count. We all will have them forever. LOL

  2. I am finishing my M.Div in Biblical Studies, concentrating on Old Testament and Hebrew. I am working towards a Ph.D in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, my dream career being a Professor. My job as a GA puts me in line for teaching positions, which will help me a lot as a female trying to get into a male-dominated field. Thanks for reading!