Friday, December 9, 2011

Desserts: Apple Oatmeal Cookies

Tonight I decided to make the Apple Oatmeal Cookies for the Christmas Baskets! Once again, these are not a "traditional" Christmas cookie, but they made my whole house smell like Christmas! The recipe is quick and easy (and diabetic friendly). Plus, I made about 45 cookies in under a half an hour. The only difference I made was to use Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips instead of raisins.

When I first added the wet ingredients into the dry mix, it did not look like there was enough liquid, but I kept mixing, and it was plenty!

Finished Cookie Mix
I decided to make the cookies a bit bigger than the recipe said; here's what my cookies looked like.

They turned out great! In order to get enough cookies out of the batch, I made the next two trays the right size cookie (using the 2-spoon scooping method). I had to bake the first tray a bit longer, but they still turned out pretty nice!

The cookies were really cakey and chewy -- it was almost like apple crisp in cookie form! Although there was no caramel in the mix, it had a caramel flavor (probably from the brown sugar). The caramel, cinnamon, and apple make it a perfect Christmas cookie! Yum-O!

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