Sunday, January 8, 2012


Disappointment (noun):  saddening situation, letdown

The beginning of 2012 has been a bit crazy, but wonderful.  Doug and I relaxed over New Years and spent some time visiting with Doug Sr. and Bethany during our "weekend."  Doug took off Friday and Saturday to spend time with me for my BIRTHDAY!  I can't believe I am 25 -- a quarter century.  I really wanted to keep it low-key since we had been traveling a lot for Christmas, so he got me some presents and we went out for a nice lunch at Red Lobster.  I spent some of my Christmas/Birthday money on a Nook and downloaded about 100 books (all for free) -- my kind of Birthday!

When I woke up this morning, however, I felt disappointed.  Classes begin in 8 days, meaning I have 8 days left to complete my 444 plan!!!  I just felt overwhelmed with too much to do -- not to mention normal chores and errands.  I think a lot of people feel this way, especially at the beginning of a New Year when there is so much left unaccomplished from the last year and high hopes for the coming year.  For me, I took a break.  I gave myself an hour to just relax and enjoy a beautiful Sunday -- sunny and 52 outside in January?  That needs to be enjoyed!  After a little break, I was able to calmly prioritize my To Do list for the week.  I realized that I have accomplished much more than I thought.  More importantly, I had actually enjoyed the holidays and my birthday without worry or stress!  That is a huge accomplishment for an avid worrier like me.

I have heard that all disappointment is from unmet expectations.  I tend to focus more on the few unmet expectations than on the many exceeded expectations.  I have been so blessed this past year, more recently for Christmas and my birthday, and that should not be forgotten due to my expectations (which are often unrealistic).  Will I accomplish my 444 in time?  I think a better question to ask is "Will I accomplish what matters this week?".

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