Saturday, January 14, 2012

Devise: Finishing the 444 Plan

Well, in 3 days my deadline for the 444 plan will be upon me.  I think I have done a pretty good job of my plan so far!!!

1. Clothing.  This is the one task that is not complete yet, mainly because my husband and I got behind on laundry due to our frequent travelling.  We added in an extra trip to Richmond this last week to celebrate a friend's birthday, so we got even more behind!  We have been able to get 4 out of 5 loads done in the last two days; now that I have clean clothes to put away, I can actually begin sorting!  We are hoping to have dressers and closets full and set by Monday (which will be right on schedule).

2. Kitchen.  Doug and I have done a major overhaul to our kitchen, especially in regards to furniture placement.  We still have a little work to do (mainly reorganizing a few drawers, cleaning out the hutch cabinets, reorganizing the pantry, and setting up my Baker's Rack in the kitchen).  I was so excited to get things moved I forgot to take before pictures!!!  Here's what the after looked like...just use your imagination for the befores ;)

We moved the laundry units next to the counter to the corner for more space and easier access.

By placing the dish drainer in the second sink, we could use up the corner space more practically.

We moved the grill over to where our microwave had been and added a kitchen cart for more "counter" space.

Other than "counter" space, we moved some pretty casserole dishes onto the cart for color and to free up cabinet space.

Almost all of the boxes/gadgets are down!  Now we have extra space for...something.
We also moved our table (you can see a chair in a few pics) from the space under the window to the middle of the wall.  We decided to have it stick out into the kitchen instead of being against the wall so that it would be more accessible.  We cart we got (about $40 from Wal*mart) was easy to assemble, and the racks can be positioned at any height.  That, plus a little rearranging, made such a huge transformation in our kitchen, especially making it easier for me to reach the supplies I needed to cook!

3. Menu/Grocery Planning.  I have already shown you the menus I made running from January to May; I have finally finished the grocery lists as well!  I am still planning on checking the ads each week to look for sales (example:  this week meat is on sale, so I sent Doug to pick up a few things I was planning on buying next week), but what we need is clearly laid out.  I have all the menus and grocery lists printed and placed in a binder, but I have not printed out the necessary recipes yet.  Maybe when I do the Summer Menus, I'll have time to add in the printed recipes!

4. Paperwork Clutter/Finances.  I had been planning on moving the mail/finance center to the kitchen (where we are currently storing our file box); however, this week I decided to keep all of that in our bedroom.  I want to be able to keep the kitchen table clean, which just won't happen with mail and receipts piled around it.  I have a free corner of space next to my dresser in our bedroom where our file box could fit, along with "the book" (my record of our finances).  Most of our financial information is in electronic documents on my laptop, so I can easily move and work there.  My dresser is also right next to our bedroom door, which makes a great place for dropping off mail.  Doug grabs the mail when he gets home from work and (normally) heads straight to the bedroom to change, which makes it a good "drop spot."  Unfortunately this realization must be put on hold until I get the clean laundry baskets (which are currently in that corner) emptied and put back where they belong ;)  This too should be done by Monday.

Anyways!  I hope that this encouraged you to do a little bit of work to keep you organized until Spring!

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