Monday, December 31, 2012

Document: December

Oh. my. goodness!  I can't believe another year is gone!

12 in 2012.
I posted an update of my progress through the year a few days ago, but I really feel like having set goals helped me to use my time wisely and productively.  I'll be doing something a bit different for 2013, but it was so exciting to see how much I was able to accomplish this year.

Even though I ended the year with a decent record (90 books, 41 new books), I only read four books in December, and two of those were textbooks I finished for school.  I was pretty busy with Finals and Holiday Baking, but I think the biggest difference was that I began crocheting a lot more this month instead of reading to relax.  I am really excited to get back on track with reading this next year ;)

December was the month of baked goods, but due to some camera malfunctions, I didn't get to post any pics!  I was able to make lots of cookies and fudge, AND Doug and I were able to cook and eat at home much more than we had been during the first week of the month.

As for January, you'll just have to be patient ;)  I have picked some new goals for 2013, and I am so excited to move forward next year!!!

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