Saturday, August 11, 2012

Design: Weekly Results (Aug 5-11)

This week was so crazy, but I got a lot accomplished!

1.  Research Paper (due 8/12)
2.  Two Presentations -- focused on my paper; now I have extra time for presentations

3.  Menu Plan/Grocery Shopping (and blog!)
4.  Guest Room -- sorted and cleaned, ready to move furniture
5.  Everything sorted/ready for classes to begin

6.  Workouts/Gym
7.  Get a good start on the new schedule -- tried and failed!  I was able to rearrange my schedule a bit though, which should help me get on track next week.
8.  Use up my Kohl's Cash ;)

Monday was a rough day.  All of my stress for the last month caught up with me, and I totally broke down.  Now, there were a few extenuating circumstances that pushed me over the edge, but it was just a rough, rough day.  Doug and my parents were especially helpful in encouraging me and helping me to work through the situations.

Because of that, my new schedule got off to a really rocky start.  I managed to begin working towards my schedule, but I also made some changes in it to make it easier to adjust in the next week!  Doug and I emptied out the guest room and sorted through tons of boxes, getting rid of another two bags of garbage!  Wow!  There is still rearranging to be done, and I still have paperwork to sort through in the next week.

Above all, this week was a great reminder of how faithful God is.  My research paper touched on this theme (specifically in Genesis), which kept this truth in front of me all week.  God is always faithful.  God is faithful when we don't deserve it.  God is faithful in small things and in big things.  God is always faithful!

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