Saturday, August 25, 2012

Design: Weekly Results (Aug 19-25)

What a super long week!!!  Classes and cleaning, oh my!!!

1.  2 Presentations with Essay (400 words) and reply to others -- still need to reply
2.  Greek Quiz (8/24)
3.  Spiritual Growth Plan/Chart (due 8/26) -- need to add in chart

4.  No grocery shopping this week! (still blog!)
5.  Rearrange Guest Room (by 8/23)

6.  Stay on new Fall Schedule
7.  Workouts/Gym -- cleaning and moving and walking for workouts, no gym

I spent most of Sunday and Monday working ahead, all of Tuesday and Wednesday (and Thur morning) cleaning, and all of Friday running around (school, lunch, parents, dinner, errands)!!!  Today I finally had a chance to relax...and work on finishing up some weekend homework!

Here's to next week being more "normal" schedule instead of "crazed cleaning maniac" schedule ;)

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