Sunday, August 12, 2012

Design: Weekly Goals (Aug 12-18)

It is the middle of August. Wow.

This week I get to finish a class (whoo-hoo!) and prep to begin two more classes next week!  Since I am taking a residential class for the first time in a while, I really need to get used to my new Fall schedule.  Plus, college students are flocking back to Lynchburg this weekend, so I better stock up on things for the house since running to Walmart in the next two weeks is out of the question ;)

1.  Three presentations
2.  Submit Reading Log (due 8/17)
3.  Final Exam (due 8/17)

4.  Menu Plan/Grocery Shopping (and blog!)
5.  Rearrange Guest Room
6.  Begin sorting/filing paperwork

7.  Try new DVD workouts
8.  Get on new schedule!
9.  Prep for school starting on Monday

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