Thursday, May 31, 2012

Document: May

Oh My May!  While May didn't fly by as quickly as a few of the other months this year, It is still hard to believe that June is beginning!

May was pretty full -- Finals, graduation guests, another set of classes beginning, friends moving, weddings, and last-minute family visits!  No wonder Doug and I didn't get much of a chance to redo the guest room (though it is less cluttered and much more visitor friendly), buy all those odds and ends (although we have upgraded a few things), or even think about rearranging our room!  All in all, it was a great month with dozens of chances to enjoy our friends and family -- we definitely decelerated!

1. Apartment-versary 12 in 2012. So, we didn't get that much done in the apartment, but I think just realizing and celebrating that I have lived here for a year was worth it to see how far the last year has brought both of us.  I also was able to thank those who have helped us get settled and have all that we do in this apartment!  We have been so blessed here!  The only regret I have is not getting to know our neighbors very well; hopefully we can rectify that in our next year here!

2. Reading.  Summer = lots of reading!!!  Thanks to that little bit of extra free time, I have been able to read so much this month!  I read 12 books this month (5 new books) and am halfway through the 13th (6th new)!  That puts me at 42 books for the year (18 new) with a month to go before the midway mark of the year.  While I am definitely reading as much as I'd like to be, I need to read some new books!!!

3. Cooking.  For the first few weeks of May, cooking became throwing frozen food into the microwave or oven just to get through Finals and prep for guests being here; now that things have slowed a bit, we have been able to enjoy our (indoor) grill and all the fresh produce available.  The biggest new thing I tried this month is salmon!  We will definitely be using our grill a lot more in June, and I still have a stack of smoothie recipes waiting...

4. Health/Fitness.  While we may be eating a bit healthier, the gym has been eluding me!  I think I have finally worked out the kinks in our summer schedule so that I can make the gym a fixture in my life again ;)  Plus I still have some winter weight to conquer!

For June?  Our 12 in 2012 schedule says that June is "Mid-Year Review."  That means that I will be sitting down a reevaluating the rest of the 12 in 2012 goals, possibly specifying or replacing some.  That means Doug and I will discuss what the rest of the year looks like for us and on what we want to spend time.  It means looking back at the previous goals and filling in any gaps.

I encourage all of you do think back to your resolutions from January; have you accomplished them?  Are you in the process of achieving your goals?  Do you know where you are headed?  Take time this summer to revisit and revise your goals for this year.  2012 is about halfway over; how can we make it the best year yet?!?

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