Sunday, May 27, 2012

Design: Weekly Results (May 20-26)

Full and fun week!

1.  Essay, 300 words (due May 23)
2.  Organizational Chart and Church Assessment (due May 27) -- finishing up today
3.  Catch up on assigned reading

4.  Menu Plan/Grocery Shopping (and blog!)
5.  Get the pantry organized -- it'll have to wait another week
6.  Do more freezer cooking

7.  Get to the gym 3 times this week
8.  Read for fun every day
9.  Make it to the lake once (or at least plans to go)
10.  See Avengers again ;)

This last week, I have been plagued with migraines :(  I really felt like I had done nothing all week; looking at this has really helped me to see that I did have accomplishments!

I also gave myself a dare this week to read more.  While I didn't read 7 books, I did read more each day this week than previous days.  I ended up reading 4 1/2 books this week, which I think is a major accomplishment.  Not only did it push my closer to my yearly reading goal (41/100, 16/50), but I read instead of watching TV or playing computer/video games.  While those things are okay in moderation, spending a few hours reading every day was a welcome rest and healthier way to spend my time.

Hopefully I can keep reading this summer the way I did this week!

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